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1. This contract constitutes an order for a wedding photography package, prebridal, and/or photo/video montage, herein referred to as “Job Request” or “Contract”. Marissa Harlow Photography to be represented *
2. If the total job time meets or exceeds five (5) consecutive hours from the time that Marissa Harlow Photography is booked, Marissa Harlow Photography staff requires a vendor’s meal and non-alcoholic beverage by Client at the reception. If at all possible, this would be best provided when the band/DJ/entertainment is on break so as not to miss any important activities with the bride and groom like toasts, parent dances, cake cutting, etc. Many venues already provide for a simple vendor’s meal like a boxed sandwich – This must be confirmed and set up in advance with your event or banquet manager. If this is not provided, Marissa Harlow Photography staff will be allowed to leave for 1 hour to obtain food and drink and will not be held accountable for any missed activities during that time. *
3. Marissa Harlow Photography limits any liability for loss, damage, or failure to deliver images for any reason to return of all deposits made. *
4. Client agrees that no other professional photographer shall be allowed to photograph at the wedding, or other onlocation sites, while Marissa Harlow Photography is working and any breach of this agreement constitutes a reason for non-completion of the job with no liability, damages, or proceedings, of any kind to the photographer or Marissa Harlow Photography. *
5. It is understood that Marissa Harlow Photography cannot guarantee to produce any photos of any specific object(s), situation(s), person(s), or event(s) or combination thereof, taken by Marissa Harlow Photography in the performance of the duties and/or services specified in this agreement. Further, images perfection is not guaranteed. Quality is dependent on a number of factors beyond the control of Marissa Harlow Photography, including but not limited to location, weather, participants’ behavior, and the like. Furthermore, Marissa Harlow Photography objective of being unobtrusive in Client’s event may result in less-than-ideal camera angles. *
6. Client expressly authorizes Marissa Harlow Photography to exercise its discretion and independent professional judgment, entire artistic control, and all full editorial and production rights regarding all aspects of this event image production and post-production services under this Contract. *
7. Upon execution of this Contract / Job Request, Marissa Harlow Photography will be reserving time on its schedule to perform and as a result, Marissa Harlow Photography will be refusing other work for that same time period. Marissa Harlow Photography will also be committing time, personnel, and resources to Client’s project, therefore, all deposits collected (totaling the 1/3 retainer needed for holding a date) are non-refundable even if the event date is changed or cancelled by the Client for any reason. If an “Act of God” such as a hurricane, natural disaster, or death prevents the event from taking place and the date and/or venue is changed as a consequence of an “Act of God”, Client will notify Marissa Harlow Photography as soon as possible and Marissa Harlow Photography will be given the opportunity to fulfill the request under a new date, transferring all monies collected for the original job to a new job request and contract. If Marissa Harlow Photography is not available due to a prior commitment, Marissa Harlow Photography will refund Client all monies paid except the original 1/2 deposit. If a new job request is processed under these circumstances (like a change of venue to a new location), additional fees may apply to the original budget to cover cost of travel or other travel related expenses. *
8. Should it become impossible or impractical for Marissa Harlow Photography to perform this Contract due to circumstances reasonably beyond our control (a catastrophic event, death, or other natural disaster), Marissa Harlow Photography will contact the client by phone and via written notice to either: A) Attempt to fulfill the contract using another professional vendor under the same contract and budget, OR, B) cancel the contract completely and refund all Client’s monies paid including the deposit (minus Marissa Harlow Photography’s cost of any services already rendered). If Marissa Harlow Photography can’t locate a vendor to perform the original contract as is, then Marissa Harlow Photography will carry out option B – refund all monies paid [… ] This is Client’s sole remedy in these circumstances. *
9. All Job Requests (including additions, revisions, or changes) must be authorized by Marissa Harlow Photography to be scheduled and approved for subsequent production. *
10. Change orders of any kind may be processed at Marissa Harlow Photography’s sole discretion as a separate Job Request and may result in additional charges and may change project’s estimated completion date. *
11. Completion times and dates reflect Marissa Harlow Photography’s best estimate of the time needed to complete said photos and is based on production schedules at the time of this contract. Scheduling and production of any kind will begin only after payment arrangements are completed, all monies due Marissa Harlow Photography have been paid including overtime. Unless otherwise specified in writing and agreed upon by Marissa Harlow Photography on this contract, Client understands that all estimates (time needed to complete photos) expressed or implied may change at any time at Marissa Harlow Photography’s discretion and that Marissa Harlow Photography does not guarantee to meet the estimate below, due to (but not limited to) fluctuations in production scheduling. *
12. All Job Requests require a retainer of 1/2 (one half of the package selected plus additional services), due at the signing of this contract, and all remaining balances due to be paid (in full) two weeks (14 days) prior to the event, unless otherwise specified in writing on this contract. *
13. All final projects will remain in the possession of Marissa Harlow Photography until all balances are paid in full. There will be an additional service charge that must be paid before delivery of any masters, for any checks that cannot be deposited due to insufficient funds. *
14. Client understands that copies of final images are available upon request but realizes that Marissa Harlow Photography does not store unedited images and reserves the right to delete, at any time deemed necessary. Therefore, it is in the customer’s best interests to request all copies within 48 hours of receiving final images. Copy requests are normally worked out in advance of final delivery. *
15. The product is considered complete when masters, DVDs delivered to Client. Agreeing to conduct any modifications or editing lies in the sole and absolute discretion of Marissa Harlow Photography. The ability of Marissa Harlow Photography to make modifications or edits is subject to the amount of original material available to Marissa Harlow Photography. Such modifications or edits will be made by Marissa Harlow Photography at its hourly rate in effect at the time and Marissa Harlow Photography may, at its discretion, require a deposit from Client as security for this work. Client must surrender all original products to Marissa Harlow Photography at the time such request is made. *
16. Marissa Harlow Photography will produce the product in the media type (Flash Drives, DVD) requested by Client. Marissa Harlow Photography warrants that this product will not be defective. If the product is defective, Marissa Harlow Photography will replace the product at no charge to Client. This is Client’s sole remedy for a defective product. However, Marissa Harlow Photography retains the original images for only 72 hours, and Client must make a claim for a defective product within that time period. No product will be deemed defective if its defective condition is due in whole or part to Client’ failure to exercise reasonable care in its preservation. THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, FOR ANY PRODUCTS OF GWAC Photography UNLESS EXPRESSLY SET FORTH IN WRITING HEREIN. *
17. Marissa Harlow Photography produces a product that is compatible with the latest technology available. Such product might not operate on Client’s equipment. If the media (such as DVDs) will operate satisfactorily on Marissa Harlow Photography’s equipment, the product is deemed to be satisfactory. Client may request that Marissa Harlow Photography attempt to produce a product that will run on Client’s equipment. In that circumstance, Marissa Harlow Photography, at its sole option, may elect to do so, but at its regular hourly rate and with no guarantee of results. Marissa Harlow Photography typically retains the original images/project for DVD authoring for only 72 hours and Client must make a request for such services within that time period. Due to inconsistencies in the DVD standard, media types, and consequent compatibility issues with various players Marissa Harlow Photography cannot guarantee that the product will play on a specific player; however, extreme care is taken to quality control and test all DVD products on multiple machines before they are given to the customer to insure the maximum compatibility from produced Marissa Harlow Photography. *
18. Exact color reproduction of the event is not technically possible. Furthermore, color reproduction is dependent upon the equipment used to run and view the media. Accordingly, no guarantee is made by Marissa Harlow Photography that the colors as represented on Client’s equipment accurately reflect the true colors at the event. For example, older computers, LCD/Plasma TVs and cell phones all show colors and brightness or darkness of different degrees for the same picture. If in Marissa Harlow Photography’s sole discretion, the colors are representative when viewed on Marissa Harlow Photography’s color calibrated equipment, the color reproduction is deemed to be satisfactory. *
19. In the event that any controversy arises as a result of this Job Request/Contract, the parties agree that good faith efforts will be made to submit their differences to mediation. This effort shall be a prerequisite to any further action by either party to enforce the terms of this Contract. *
20. In the event that mediation fails, any differences between the parties shall be submitted to arbitration. Such arbitration shall be the sole forum for any differences between the parties under this Contract. This arbitration shall be in conformance with the rules and procedures mandated by the American Arbitration Association. Venue for any legal proceedings shall lie in Lee County, Florida. *
21. No action shall lie in tort against Marissa Harlow Photography in the absence of gross negligence or willful and wanton conduct. Under no circumstances shall Marissa Harlow Photography be liable for incidental, consequential, or punitive damages. *
22. Should legal efforts be required to enforce the terms of this Contract, in addition to other sums recoverable hereunder, Client will pay all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney fees. Unpaid amounts hereunder shall also bear simple interest at the rate of 18% per annum. *
23. There is no guarantee explicit or implied that any specific shot can be taken. All agreed shots are subject to time and circumstances allowing. In the event of rain and/or lightning, the photographer will not be required to photograph any events outdoors that might result in bodily injury or damage to the photographer’s equipment. Outdoor photography will be at the sole discretion of the photographer. *
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